NEW!!! From Trump to TrumpISM: Learn about our 2022 film #UNTRUTH - the Psychology of Trumpism. It will be released BEFORE the midterms!
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AVAILABLE ON: Prime Video (Amazon), Apple TV (iTunes), GooglePlay, FandangoNOW, VUDU, Microsoft, YouTube, DirecTV, Spectrum, Comcast, Cox, Xfinity, Fios, Dish, Shaw (Canada), and Bell (Canada).

You can watch #UNFIT by renting it on Cable, Satellite, OR streaming platforms.

To STREAM the film, go to the streaming service you prefer from the list below.

To watch on CABLE and SATELLITE, look for ON DEMAND. You should be able to click ON DEMAND from your remote, or click the Home button, and you'll see it from there. TIP: When you go to On Demand, some platforms will let you search by title; if so, click the letter "U" and you should see #UNFIT.

Rental cost is approx. $5.99. If you watch on CABLE or SATELLITE, you will not incur a charge now; it will be added to your next bill.

To watch in CANADA: GooglePlay, Microsoft, Bell Cable, and Shaw Cable only.

To watch in the UK: iTunes (Apple), Prime (Amazon), GooglePlay, and Microsoft only.

To watch in Ireland: iTunes (Apple) and Microsoft only.

To watch in S Africa: iTunes (Apple) only.

To watch in most African nations, and most Caribbean and Bahamian islands: iTunes (Apple) only.

To watch in Australia and New Zealand: On sale through Madman Films on OCTOBER 19th on all TVOD Platforms and on DocPlay— for more info go to

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