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(in order of appearance):

  • Malcolm Nance, Author “The Plot to Betray America"
  • George Conway, Attorney, Co-Founder “The Lincoln Project”
  • John Gartner, Psychologist, Author “The Hypomanic Edge"
  • Lance Dodes, Psychiatrist, Author “Breaking Addiction"
  • Justin Frank, Psychiatrist, Author “Trump on the Couch"
  • Ramani Durvasula, Psychologist, Author
  • Anthony Scaramucci, Former White House Communications Director, Author, “Trump: The Blue Collar President”
  • Suzanne Lachman, Psychologist
  • Rick Reilly, Author, “Commander in Cheat”
  • Bill Kristol, Conservative Commentator, Editor, “The Bulwark”
  • Richard Painter, Ethics Attny George W. Bush
  • Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Historian, Author “Strongmen”
  • Cheryl Koos, Historian, Professor of Interwar European History
  • Sheldon Solomon, Research Psychologist, Co-Author, “Worm at the Core"

Through the words and analysis of leading mental health professionals, #UNFIT discusses DSM-5 disorders, their danger, and the doctors' own Duty to Warn. They introduce the syndrome known as malignant narcissism and explain how it is responsible for great inhumanity throughout history. They liken its symptoms to Trump's behavior.

#UNFIT discusses Trump's paranoia - his preoccupation with conspiracy theories and penchant for finding enemies in all disagreements - AND Trump's anti-social behavior (sociopathy) - his absence of empathy and contrition.

#UNFIT examines malignant narcissists throughout history - birds of a feather - explaining that the syndrome is incurable, and that those afflicted always get progressively worse.

#UNFIT explains the Goldwater Rule, and the Tarasoff Rule.

#UNFIT discusses the profound impact he has had on our culture, his disdain for the "rule of law," and dissects how and why he targets our venerated institutions, such as our intelligence community, free press, and independent judiciary.

#UNFIT evaluates his constant perversion of truth and blurring of facts, with an extended segment on "gaslighting;" and it chronicles how he cheats in virtually every endeavor he undertakes, even when he plays golf.

In a fascinating segment, #UNFIT explains the phenomena underlying tribalism, and how it facilitates the cult-like behavior of his "base."

In a chilling segment, #UNFIT and its historians discuss "the authoritarian playbook" and how Trump is advancing America toward an autocracy.

#UNFIT comes full circle with a debate on the future of democracy. It concludes both with the uncertainty we find ourselves in, as well as the certainty of what we must do.

Meet the team

Art Horan - Producer

Art is a Creative & Business Executive, Executive Producer of Academy Award winner The Usual Suspects and Executive Consultant on Sundance Festival Winner, The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack. He is also an Executive Producer of Ring Girls for ESPN directed by academy award nominated Amy Berg, and Producer of the documentary film Hands of God.

Dan Partland - Director & Producer

Dan is a Multi-Emmy winner of documentary and non-fiction TV, and has been twice nominated by the Producer’s Guild as Non-Fiction Producer of the Year. His work includes such groundbreaking series’ as A&E’s “Intervention", "The Sixties" on CNN, and "American Race" with Charles Barkley. Dan's work also includes some landmark films of the independent cinema such as the feature documentary "A Perfect Candidate" along with Sundance winners "Welcome to The Dollhouse" and "The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack."

The Duty to Warn Coalition - Mental Health Experts; Dr. John Gartner - Consultants

The Duty To Warn Coalition is an association of mental health professionals and other concerned citizens who conclude and advocate that Donald Trump is psychologically unfit. The coalition is comprised of professionals from psychiatry, psychology, medicine, public health, public policy, and social work. Dr. John Gartner - a founding member of the Duty to Warn Coalition - graduated magna cum laude from Princeton, received his Ph.D in clinical psychology at U Mass, completed post-doctoral training at Cornell Medical School, and taught in the department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School for 28 years

Scott Evans editor / co-producer

Scott is an editor and producer with over 20 years of experience, including editing 30 episodes of the Emmy-Winning documentary series "Intervention". In 2012, Scott edited the 3D documentary "Katy Perry: Part of Me" for Paramount Pictures, and in 2014 edited and co-produced the feature documentary "Tig" which had its premiere at Sundance and was picked up by Netflix. Most recently Scott worked with director Craig Brewer on "Urban Cowboy" starring James Belushi and Edward James Olmos, a forthcoming documentary about "Rihanna" directed by Peter Berg, "Warriors of Liberty City", a documentary series for Starz that premiered at SXSW, "The Amazing Johnathan Documentary" premiering at Sundance in 2019 and picked up by Hulu, and "McMillions" for HBO which premiered at Sundance in 2020 and is nominated for 5 Emmys.

Wall of Wellness

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